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Step 2: Arrange Financing

Arrange Your Financing

It is important to talk to a loan officer early in the buying process. This gives you and your Realtor the knowledge of what you are qualified to spend on a new home. By setting expectations upfront, we’ll be able to narrow your search criteria and focus on those homes that make the most sense with your budget and future monetary goals.
Your loan officer will give you a list of documents they will need in order to determine the best types of financing for you. This information will include your salary, savings, and debt. He/she will then obtain a credit score.
Ask us for our personal recommendations on loan officers.

Loan Approval Letter

Once you and your lender have determined your financial eligibility, they will provide you with a written Pre-Approval letter. This letter provides you with the leverage you need to obtain the very best price and terms for your new home and will be submitted with your offer. In a competitive multi-offer situation, you gain an advantage when you present a strong approval letter.

Step 3: Conduct Your Home Search