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March is an unpredictable month. One day it’s sunny and neighbors are gathering in their driveways, making small talk ask kids play on their bikes, skateboards and rollerblades. The next they’re waving at one another as they shovel the piles of snow dumped on them during the night.

It’s a season of state tournaments and slush – with a side of spring break.

Native Minnesotans see the light at the end of the tunnel and start planning every single project they hope to accomplish during the summer. And folks who were contemplating a move during their winter hibernation begin to get serious.

Spring is upon us. For Realtors, that means we’re on the verge of our busy season. This spring, inventory is incredibly low which makes it a seller’s market. Let’s take a look.

-14.6% in closed sales.

Cold temperatures and a low inventory contribute to a drop in closed sales.

+11.5% median sales price.

The incredibly low inventory is driving the sales price up.

-42.6% change in inventory.

Despite the winters, the Twin Cities offers a high quality of life. Desirable neighborhoods and locations are in incredibly high demand this year. For young families ready for something bigger or empty-nesters looking to downsize, this spring might be your opportunity to make the most of the seller’s market.

At Helgeson Platzke Real Estate Group, we’re proud members of Eden Prairie’s esteemed small business community. We’ve offered the very best in Twin Cities real estate since 1995, earning our community’s trust as the #1 Sales Team in the Eden Prairie area. With over 4,500 homes sold, our knowledgeable and experienced staff ensure your homeownership goals are delivered. If you’re considering buying or selling your Eden Prairie area home this year, now is the time to enlist the help of a real estate professional who can help you make the most of the market no matter the situation.