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What to do Before Selling Your Home

mowing lawn spring cleaning at home to sell Listing your home for sale is already an enormous task, so adding a bunch of little ones may not seem ideal; however, it’s necessary. Take the time to make your list and check it off before the showings start. The small things can sometimes make a big difference and in this case, it’s true.

Spruce Up The Curb Appeal

This doesn’t mean that your entire front yard needs a makeover but make sure that it looks inviting. If weather permits, plant some flowers, fix up the fence (if it applies), and of course mow your lawn. Make it look the way you would want it to when a picture is taken. It’s the little things that can change the entire look.

Clean Your Doors

Take the time to clean all parts of the door, including the jambs. This may seem like a given, but doors (especially handles) are often forgotten about. When the doors are wiped down, the overall feel of the house is cleaner.

Clear Your Windows

Clean the inside and the outside. Again this could be a given as when showing a house, you most definitely want to clean, but windows (just like doors) can easily be forgotten. There is so much dirt and dust that gets stuck in these areas. Pro tip: on the inside clean vertically and on the outside clean horizontally. When looking for any streaks, you know if it’s inside or out. When the light comes through clean windows, it makes the entire room feel that much brighter (and cleaner, of course).

Open The Doors

Before taking pictures and showing your house, open all of your interior doors. Open doors in photos create a flow so potential buyers can understand the layout more easily. When it comes to showings, potential buyers will be able to easily walk from one room to the next and have open access to each room.

Take Good Photos

Most likely, the first impression of your house will be by the photos of your listing. Make sure they are good and done by a professional. Be mindful of what is in the frame by paying attention to the details. An awkward angle can make a room look much smaller than it really is. Clean up the clutter before snapping.

Create Good Smells

When viewing a home, we use multiple senses and smell is the very first thing most people experience. Whether it be a candle or oil diffuser, find a scent that makes the house smell just as clean as it is.

Turn On The Lights

Turn on all the lights for showings, especially if you have light switches in unpredictable places. Make it easy on potential buyers and don’t make them search for a light switch. Having the lights on makes the home feel brighter, more cozy, and gives the ambiance of what the space would feel like if they lived there.

Hide The Toys

If you have kids, before taking and photos or showing your house, hide the toys that don’t have a designated area. Buyers may not have kids and want to see the space as what it could potentially be versus what it is. The kids’ rooms get to be just like the rest of the house and that’s fresh, clean, and feeling grown up.

Clear Off Counter Tops

Again with the clutter. No one wants to see it. Put your traditional countertop items like bananas or toasters away somewhere. You want the potential buyers to see how much counter space there really is.

Are you getting ready to sell your home? This simple to-do list will take your listing to the next level. Reach out to our team and let us help you through the selling process.