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Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving Dinner

We can’t believe we’re already here!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and for many, it’s the biggest holiday of the year in terms of planning, executing, and the sheer number of people who will be welcomed into your home. It can be pretty overwhelming and it’s easy to miss a few things during preparation. That’s why we’ve put together a list for you to follow in order to take some stress off of your shoulders and make sure your home is ready to host the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Plan Out Your Menu
Of course, you’ll be serving the basics like turkey, gravy, stuffing, and potatoes of some sort, but what about the other stuff? Are there any dietary restrictions you need to consider? Do you need to offer vegetarian or vegan options? If your guests will be bringing food, which dishes are they bringing, and which ones do you need to prepare? What will dessert look like? There are a lot of questions you must answer when planning out your menu.

Shop Ahead Of Time
Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner isn’t like any old trip to the grocery store. You’re probably going to be buying A LOT of food, wouldn’t it be nice if you could save a few bucks here and there? Shopping ahead of time allows you to take advantage of any promotions and sales going on at your local grocery stores. Keep an eye out for ads and coupons in the weeks and days leading up to Thanksgiving. Your wallet will thank you for it and you’ll feel more prepared when you start to cook. Be sure to keep a list of the items you need and check them off as you purchase them to avoid doubling up on certain items.

Make-Ahead Dishes
Since you’ve got most of your shopping done ahead of time, you’ve given yourself extra time to prepare your make-ahead dishes. These are the dishes that can either be frozen or refrigerated prior to the big dinner. Preparing make-ahead dishes means you’ll have more time to focus on the mainstays, like the turkey, on Thanksgiving.

Clean Out Your Fridge/Freezer
You’re going to need somewhere to put all of those make-ahead dishes you’ve prepared and that somewhere is your fridge/freezer. Clean them both out and make sure there’s room for those dishes. Also, your guests may or may not be making use of the fridge when they are around, so it doesn’t hurt to make sure it looks clean and organized. You don’t want them digging around trying to find something.

Ready The Fireplace
Depending on how lucky or unlucky you’ve been with the weather recently, you might not have needed to use your fireplace yet this year. Let’s be honest though, what makes people feel cozier than a warm fireplace. Not much. Unless it’s going to be unusually hot on Thanksgiving, you’ll want to make sure your fireplace and chimney are cleaned up and ready to burn for the comfort of your guests.

Ambiance and Decor
Yes, you’ll certainly want to give your home a once-over to be sure that any common areas, as well as your bathrooms, are looking like new. It doesn’t stop there though. Dive into the fall fun and make sure you’ve got some candles, some autumn leafy items, and maybe some pumpkins or squashes of some sort. These items really add a finishing touch and put your guests in the mood for togetherness.

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a lot to handle, even for small families or friend groups. Use this list to prepare yourself and you’ll be proud to have hosted the best Thanksgiving dinner you’ve ever been to!

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