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Must-Haves For A Romantic Valentine’s Day At Home

Your typical Valentine’s Day probably consists of going to dinner at one of your favorite restaurants and then going to a movie with your partner or your friends. This year will probably be different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. No overcrowded restaurants or waiting in line… sounds good to us! Show yourself or your partner a romantic night in with some of these Valentine’s Day ideas and products.

Breakfast In Bed
There’s only one right way to start your Valentine’s Day and that is with breakfast in bed. Whether it’s for you or for someone else, whip up some pancakes or an omelette, whatever your favorite breakfast dish is. Don’t forget the coffee or tea! If you don’t have one already, pick up a breakfast in bed tray like this one. No one has ever had a bad day after eating breakfast in bed.

In-Home Spa
Your annual Valentine’s Day routine might include a relaxing trip to the spa. This year, bring the spa into your home! Start things off with a foot soak and then move on to a massage with some essential oils. Put on a refreshing face mask and then top it all off with relaxing soak in the tub. Take the bath to the next level with a pillow and a mineral soak. We can already feel our stress melting away.

Make Some Drinks
Look up some cocktail recipes ahead of time and pick up everything you need to make your favorite cocktail. If you want to try something new, check out these Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes. More of a wine person? Pick a bottle from this list. Either way, enjoy each other’s company over a delicious drink.

Candlelit Dinner
Whip up yours or your significant other’s favorite dinner dish for this special occasion. If you’re not sure what that is or you want to surprise them with something new, try one of these Valentine’s Day dinner recipes. Of course, no special dinner is complete without the right ambience, so make sure to get some mood lighting or candles. You don’t need a fancy restaurant to have a special dinner to remember.

Romantic Games
Whether you’ve been together for a month or for a decade, there are some really fun games out there designed for couples to play together. Have a little fun with a game like Talk, Flirt, or Dare. Deepen your connection with a game like Discovery. If you need some more ideas to personalize your Valentine’s Day game, have a look at this list. Who knows, this might turn into part of your yearly Valentine’s Day tradition!

That’s how you treat yourself or your partner to a memorable night in for Valentine’s Day!

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