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How To Make Your Home A Smart Home

Right now, it’s easier than ever to transform your home into a smart home. Not only does this make your home life easier than you can imagine, it can also increase your home’s value.

When asked, the top smart products potential buyers would  like to see already installed in a prospective home are as following:


  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Smoke Detectors
  • Smart Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Smart Cameras
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Lighting

Start by choosing your smart assistant. Your three main choices will be Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Home. Your choice will likely depend on if you already have and use any of these company’s products. Now let’s take a look at some options for smart accessories in your home.

Honeywell Programmable Smart Thermostat is compatible with all three smart assistant options. Some of its features include 7-day scheduling for maximum comfort during each season and alerts for necessary filter changes. The best part about a smart thermostat is that it can save energy AND money!

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector
The Nest Protect is both a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that sends alerts to your phone. Plus, instead of chirping loudly when the battery needs to be changed, it simply sends you a message. It puts off a green glow when the lights are off so that you know it is functioning and is a modern-looking solution to dated smoke detectors.

Smart Security Camera
The Arlo smart security system is an effective and simple way to take control of your home’s security. It’s compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and can stream an HD feed directly to your phone. It also includes cloud storage, a smart security siren, two-way audio, and night vision. You can set it to send instant motion notifications to your phone or email and it is weather resistant so that you can set it up wherever you’d like.

Smart Locks
August is a good option for front door security and it’s compatible with all three smart assistants. You can lock or unlock your door from your phone, which means you never again have to worry about whether or not you locked it before you left. You can also give access to family, friends, housekeepers, or dog walkers without thinking about copying or losing keys. They also make a doorbell camera with real-time alerts, HD video, and two-way audio for an added security measure.

Smart Lights
The Wemo Light Switch works with both Google and Amazon’s smart assistants. It replaces your old light switch and will allow you to control your lights with your voice or your smartphone. It also includes a scheduling function for your ceiling fan and your porch light so that you can keep your home looking occupied while you’re away on vacation.

By adding these upgrades, you’ll feel good about both your home’s security and it’s value.

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