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Home Improvements: 5 Budget Home Renovations You can do This Weekend

Renovations. Just the word makes us begin to shake in our boots. It’s a big word that makes us think of all the big projects we’d like to one day tackle in our homes. But life is busy, and oftentimes we run out of motivation, money, or simply the time to undertake all the changes we’d like to accomplish. But renovations don’t have to be a massive endeavor. In fact, many of them can be accomplished in a single afternoon or over the course of a weekend. Here are five small projects you can use to find the inspiration to tackle some of your larger renovation goals:

1.Spruce Up Your Entryway. We often forget that our front walks and doorways are the first introduction that people have to our homes. A new coat of paint in a bright, eye-catching color can go a long way to boost the character of your house this weekend and make a lasting impression on your guests. Add a new welcome mat and a potted plant or two to frame your door. Make sure everyone who visits have a memorable entry.

2.Take the Junk Drawer from Trash to Chic. Divided drawer storage systems are available at most home goods stores. And, the best part, they’re not just for silverware anymore! Use drawer organizers for cellphones, scissors, loose batteries, etc. Drill a hole in the back of the drawer and run chargers from the outlet to create an out-of-sight charging station for devices. By organizing your drawers and storage, you can declutter your countertops and make your home cleaner and more welcoming.

3.Replace Outdated Hardware.We’ve all been there, standing in our kitchens and lamenting the state of our cabinetry.Sure, you could paint all of them, or restain the wood, but that’s a huge task to take on, and who has the time? Consider, instead, swapping out handles, drawer pulls, and faucets. It will update the look of your kitchen or bathroom without the enormous price tag or time commitment. Remember—a little goes a long way!

4.Wrap It Up!Want to freshen up those walls but aren’t ready to commit to a new paint color or permanent wall paper? More and more businesses are getting in on the temporary wallpaper market. It functions like a giant sticker—peel the adhesive off the back of the paper, smooth it to your wall, and bam! A new look for your home. Decide you don’t like it or want to try something new after living with it for a time? Simply peel away the paper and start something new. Enjoy all the style and none of the buyer’s remorse.

5.Eyes on the Skies. Sometimes we get so wrapped up on remodeling the floors and walls of our homes that we completely neglect the ceilings. Consider adding a statement light piece or chandelier, or painting your ceiling a color different from the walls. Bold walls and a white ceiling can cause a room to feel taller than it actually is, and can be accomplished with one afternoon’s work.

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