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Home Improvement DIY Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to home improvement projects, some things are better left to the professionals. A little DIY might save you some cash, but it will cost even more if you try to DIY, make mistakes, and end up hiring a pro anyways. That being said, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after you’ve rolled up your sleeves and finished a quality home improvement project yourself. Here are some projects you can DIY and some projects that are best left to the pros.

Home Improvement Projects You Should DIY

Not only can you do this yourself, but you might just find yourself having fun while doing it. Just make sure you have the right equipment and that you know what’s behind the walls you are destroying. A great way to ruin a fun day of demolition is to destroy your plumbing. Also, make sure you are aware of which walls are load bearing!

Depending on the size of the project and possibly the height at which you’ll need to reach, painting is a project that can be done yourself. The staff at any home improvement store can assist you in equipping yourself with the proper paint and tools to get the job done right, and they can probably direct you to a guide of some sort to provide instruction. There are also plenty of online resources you can use if you’re feeling intimidated. Here is just one of them:

Installing Fixtures
Get yourself a ladder, a drill, a level, and measuring tape. You can replace or add almost any fixture in your home by yourself. Make sure to measure twice before you drill!

Hanging Drywall
This one might be for the more handy homeowner but again, there are a lot of resources available online to assist you. A few tools are required and you’ll probably need a helping hand. We would suggest that you leave the finishing to the pros to ensure you get a clean, smooth finished product. Check out this article from Family Handyman to get you started.

Installing/Repairing Deck
Ground-level decks can be installed and finished over the course of a few days with a little help from your friends and, of course, some tools. Check your measurements twice and get a little extra wood to save yourself another trip to the store. What better place than to show you how you can complete this project without hiring a professional? Second-level decks should probably be left for the professionals.

Leave It To The Pros

Roof Repair
This project is as dangerous as it is difficult AND important. In fact, roofers have the fifth-highest work-related fatality rate in construction. Also, consider how important proper roofing is. It’s your home’s first line of defense against the elements, and when it’s done poorly, it can lead to a long list of problems. Leaking, staining, and mold are just a few, and each is another reason why you should leave this project to the pros.

Roof Repair in Eden Prairie

Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC
It doesn’t get much simpler than this: there’s a reason why these folks need licenses, bonds, and insurance. Little mistakes in these areas can lead to huge costs that you’ll want to avoid. Take the safe route on these projects and hire a professional.

Window Replacement
This might seem like a project that wouldn’t be too difficult with the right tools and a little instruction. Don’t overlook the details. Installing the aluminum around the windows to ensure a perfect fit isn’t easy, and when it’s done incorrectly, it can raise your utility bills and be costly to fix. It’s better to let the pros handle this project.

Great Plains Windows and Doors – Eden Prairie

Hardwood Flooring Installation
With all of the laminate and luxury vinyl flooring options available that can be installed relatively easily, people might believe that they can install their own hardwood flooring as well. Most would be wrong. Mastering the necessary skills to lay hardwood flooring the right way takes time and is harder than it looks. You don’t want to opt for a nice-looking solid hardwood floor and have it end up looking cheap and unfinished. The professionals will leave your floor looking pristine and if you’re choosing hardwood, that’s what you want.

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is that everybody likes to save some cash and even roll up their sleeves from time to time. Homeowners take pride in their homes and the work they’ve put into them. Some projects, however, should be left to the professionals to avoid future problems/costs and to ensure that your home stays in the best shape possible.

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