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End-Of-Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

As you savor the last days of summer, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the wetter and colder seasons ahead. We’ve organized a checklist of home maintenance items to tackle now so you can avoid any home nightmares in the future!

Inspect the exterior for loose or rotting siding. Keep an eye out for peeling or chipping paint as well. Remove and repaint to help protect your home from the elements. You should also power wash your siding or brick to rid it of any bird droppings, dirt, or sap that can affect the appearance of your home and the longevity of the material. Lastly, check the foundation for any cracks or leaks.

Wash those windows! Give your windows a good washing inside and out. You’ll be shocked by how much brighter a room gets with a freshly washed window. If you’ve got a view, you’ll be especially thankful that we reminded you to do this. While you’re at it, check them for leaks and recaulk if necessary. This will help your home hold its temperature.

Get your A/C checked and serviced. Consistent maintenance will help your unit run for longer and be more energy-efficient. The heat will be around for at least another month or two! (Fingers crossed for more!) You’re going to want effective air conditioning that doesn’t skyrocket your bills.

Inspect the deck. It could probably use a power wash and maybe even a reseal to help prevent graying and splitting.

Clean out the gutters and the downspouts. Storms can clog these up with debris that will result in blockages, which can lead to water damage and leaks.

Check on the fencing. Pieces may need to be replaced, reinforced, repainted, or re-stained. It looks better and it holds up to the weather better.

Fill cracks in the cement walkway or driveway. During the winter, water can seep in and then freeze, making it expand. This creates cracks in the concrete. You might need to replace cracked or broken stones or bricks that are used for walking paths as well.

Summer is also a great time to replace any or all of the following:

  • Old windows and doors
  • Roofing
  • Chimney Cap

There’s only one thing better than relaxing in the end-of-summer sun: doing so while knowing that your home is already prepared for that nasty winter season.

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