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Colder Days Call For Organization

Contrary to what you may think, spring is not the only season for deep cleaning. Colder months mean it’s time to get started on some indoor organization projects. The holidays may be over, but the stuff that came along with it is still around. Now would be a great time to declutter and purge. Take some time to get your house in order with our declutter and winter projects you can complete now before spring arrives.

Declutter Holiday Decor

Ornaments, gift wrap, decor, and holiday knickknacks accumulate fast. Although some of these items may have been passed down from family members or have a special place in your heart, some you may have just outgrown. Most likely, you have all of your holiday decors put away in boxes and bins and out of sight until next season, but did you take time to keep what brings you joy or just pack to get the job done?

Go through each item piece by piece and decide what you love. If you haven’t used something the last couple of seasons, most likely, you’re not going to use it the next time around. Plus, with bins of all your holiday favorites, it’s that much more fun to decorate.

Slim Down Your Outerwear

If over time you’ve accumulated a lot, don’t worry. Sometimes we need to get everything together to realize just how much we have (and how much we don’t use). Start by dividing everything into categories. Take inventory of the items you use every day or the ones you keep for special occasions. For the outerwear hiding in the back of your closet or at the bottom of the bin, let those go. Out of sight, out of mind, get it out of your house.

Organize Your Pantry

Whether TikTok has made you buy matching bins for your snacks and drinks, organizing your pantry is always a good thing to do when going outside is not ideal. Many of us start the year wanting to eat healthier, and what better way to prepare meals than with a prepared pantry.

Look at each item. Is it junk food you don’t want around? Is it expired? Set aside any non-perishable items you won’t eat or donate. Take your remaining items and group them into categories that make the most sense to you. Use bins and labels for easy visibility and access to whichever organization method you choose.

Remember that not every inch of your shelves needs to be filled. Just because there’s an open shelf doesn’t mean you have to fill it. Prevent food waste by not buying unnecessary filler items and placing items you want to use first upfront or in a designated area. Meal planning is much easier when you can see everything you have

Clean Up Your Medicine Cabinet

Especially during this cold and flu time, it’s a great time to organize your medicine supply. Check for expiration dates and dispose of them properly. Find categories that work best for you, like AM and PM or medicine type, and arrange your cabinet accordingly. Place them all in one central area for the medicine you don’t take daily like pain relief pills or cough drops.

If you’re looking to go a little further with your organization skills, try labeling your containers. Keep your items stacked upright (so you’re not digging around) when an unexpected runny nose comes your way.

Organize Your Closets and Cabinets

There are designated areas for all of your household needs like cleaning supplies and backup of light bulbs in every home. Organizing these areas not only helps you see what you have and stop you from overbuying but stops all the searching and wondering where things are. Use your space wisely by hanging oversized vertical items like brooms and mops on hooks and placing like cleaning items in bins. To make it easier on yourself, grab some clear bins so you can see exactly what’s inside.

Setting yourself up now with a space that is easy to access makes everyday needs at home that much easier. Take some of your indoor time (we know you have plenty) and use it to declutter and organize. Come spring, you’ll have more time to enjoy the sunshine and breeze coming through your open windows.