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Bedroom Upgrades For Better Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Even the simplest of tasks can seem difficult if you’re not properly resting your mind and body. There are a variety of factors that go into a good night of sleep and one of them is the environment you sleep in. Have you considered how your bedroom might be affecting your quality of sleep? Here are a few changes you can make to help you sleep better:

Paint Color

This might be something you haven’t thought about in relation to sleeping poorly. Research has shown that color affects mood, and that includes the color you see just before you close your eyes. Darker shades tend to be more calming than bright ones. A darker blue or purple shade should have a calming or relaxing effect on you. Consider a shade similar to those rather than plain, bright white walls.


It should be no surprise that lighting can negatively affect your sleep, and not just while you’re actually trying to fall asleep. The light that is around you just before you lay down can also have an energizing or awakening effect on your brain. Bright white lights tend to wake us up a bit while warmer tones that aren’t as bright can be calming. Also, you might want to consider blackout curtains if your current window treatments like blinds aren’t keeping the room dark enough after sunrise.


Have you ever noticed that it’s harder to focus when you’re surrounded by clutter? It’s easy for our brains to wander about chores or unfinished projects when they’re staring us in the face. The same goes for your bedroom! Of course you’re thinking about the laundry you didn’t do, there’s a pile of dirty clothes in the corner! Yes, you still need to finish putting together that dresser, you just looked at it half-built before you laid your head down! Keeping your room clean and having an organized space will help keep your brain at ease instead of constantly thinking about what needs to be done.


Last on our list, and probably the most obvious, is comfort. There are many elements of comfort that will either help you sleep great or keep you up at night. First and foremost, your mattress. If you’re experiencing something like back pain, it might be time for a new one. What about your sheets/blankets? Do you look forward to sliding underneath them or are they not as nice as they used to be? Experiment with different materials, they can make a big difference. Especially with temperature. Speaking of which, what’s your bedroom temperature overnight? Research suggests that the ideal room temperature for sleep is about 65 degrees. Is it quiet in your room all night or are there sounds that sometimes wake you up? If so, consider a white noise machine. Not only will they help block out sound, but they can also help you clear your mind.

Making some or all of these changes should have a positive effect on your quality of sleep. You’d be surprised by how much better you feel all day when you get a really good night’s sleep. The difference is night and day!

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