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2021 Decor Trends According To Interior Designers

Just like fashion and music, home decor is constantly evolving. Big shifts are typically more noticeable over time, but there are new trends that enter the fold every year. To try to keep up with the most current trends, Modsy releases an annual trend report that discusses what will be popular in people’s homes over the next year. Here are some of the trends that people will embrace in 2021:

Traditional & Comforting
Traditional decor with a comforting vibe is making a comeback. If you’re hoping to stay up to date on the latest trends and you currently have a very modern or formal living room, consider swapping some pieces out for a more traditional feel. Overstuffed furniture and soft curves are just a couple of examples to help you get started. Think 90’s Pottery Barn style. Forget minimal or modern and go for plain old comfy.

Bold Wall Colors
The last few years have been all about neutral tones in the home but the neutral reign appears to be coming to an end. People are more disconnected with the outside world right now, which may be part of the reasoning behind this trend. Restaurants and hotels often have bold colored walls, so people might be trying to recreate those feelings. Be thoughtful about which rooms and which colors you’d like to change. Intense colors in a bedroom or office can influence your mood when you’re trying to sleep or trying to work. A living or dining room might be a good place to start because you won’t be overly impacted by the change in color.

Lighter Woods
Medium to dark shades of wood have been more popular over the last few years but it looks like lighter woods are making a comeback. The rise in light tones could be attributed to people’s recent love of minimalism. Living in a lighter space with less furniture creates a sense of peace because there is literally more room. Light woods can work for you whether your home is a modern style or a rustic farmhouse style. Either way, lean towards the lighter tones instead of the dark ones or even metal.

What Is ‘Grandmillenial’?
You may or may not have heard about this newer term, but it has been used to describe a particular style of decor. It is essentially a combination of modern design with decor that you might think would traditionally be found inside your grandparents home. There are many reasons why this style might be trending, but we believe it is primarily driven by comfort and recognizability. Think antiques, busy patterns, ruffles, and brown furniture. It can also be very affordable, which is obviously attractive to the younger generation. Head out to a thrift shop and see what you can find. It isn’t uncommon for millennials to purchase previously owned furniture pieces and refinish or enhance them. Plus, these older pieces have much more of a personal and unique feel than most chain-bought new furniture.

80’s Decor
Just like the world of fashion, the 80’s are reappearing in interior design and decor. Soft curves and comfort will be popular but so too will angular shapes, glass and stone, and Art Deco. These formerly modern shapes and styles now feel retro and are therefore appealing to people now. Another way that people will be giving their homes an 80’s feel is with contrasting color schemes like black and gold. Thrift stores and flea markets are a great option for 80’s decor also.

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