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10 Tips To Help You Sell Your Home This Spring

You’ve likely heard that Spring is the best time to sell a home. Regardless of whether it’s a hot, cold, or neutral market, inventory always rises in the spring because that’s when most buyers are actively searching for homes. Here are some tips to help your home stand out from the crowd:

Let Your Listing “Cool Down”
If your house has been listed since the holidays, take it down for a few weeks. Most buyers will skip right over your listing if it’s been on the market for months. The “Days On Market” stat is important, believe it or not, because buyers always gravitate towards the newest listings.

Wash Windows and Polish Mirrors
Sparkle sells homes, and it’s basically free. Wash your windows and polish your mirrors to reflect light more effectively. Buyers will feel drawn to a bright interior. While you’re at it, clean your drapes, curtains, and blinds. Send drapes and curtains to the dry cleaners or wash, dry, and press them yourself. Quickly wash blinds by tossing them in a tub filled with soapy water, and be sure to leave them open to invite in as much sunlight as possible.

Clean Up The Yard
Rake up the dead leaves and trim all of the bushes so they look neat. Mow your lawn diagonally to make it appear larger, and don’t miss any edges. Make sure no vegetation blocks your windows or walkways. You’d be surprised by how much more sunlight your windows can let in by trimming a few branches.

Tulips and Daffodils
Yellow flowers induce feelings of happiness and contentment, and everybody is looking for signs of spring after a long winter. Plant tulips and/or daffodils in groups near the entrance to stimulate potential buyers. On the inside, set out some fresh flowers for fragrance and viewing pleasure. The best home stagers bring outdoor colors and scents indoors.

Polish Floors
Your hardwood floors should be refinished if at all possible to make them nice and glossy. Get your linoleum and ceramic floors squeaky clean and bleach any dull grout. If you’ve got carpet, get it shampooed. Don’t forget to wash area rugs for the perfect finishing touch.

Light-Colored Accents
You might need to replace some items like towels, linens, and sofa pillows, but in the right color, they will light up a room. Think spring, and layer your light-colored towels on the rack. Place rolled-up wash cloths in a pyramid structure on the counter. Small accents like these make a world of difference when buyers are shopping around.

Offer a Mat and Umbrella Stand
Spring is often an unpredictable season, no matter where you live. It could be 70 degrees one day, and raining or even snowing the next. Offer a mat for visitors to wipe their feet upon entering. For an extra touch, set up a container for wet umbrellas in the entrance as well.

Buy Balloons
Some might think it’s a bit cheesy, but there’s no denying that balloons catch attention. Buy a dozen and tie them to your open house signs. Passersby will surely notice your sign now.

Use Color in Your Advertising
While it may be a little bit more expensive, it’s worth the cost to go for a colored advertisement in your local newspaper and online. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you want the best words to come to mind when potential buyers see your ad. Color gets noticed more than black and white, plain and simple.

Fill Your Sink With Ice and Bottled Water/Sparkling Water and Offer Treats
Put some bottles of water and maybe even sparkling water in a sink of ice to offer guests. Leave out freshly baked goods on a platter or other treats individually wrapped and tied with a ribbon. Touches like these don’t just show buyers that you pay attention to detail, they also offer the chance for buyers to linger and admire all of the elegant intricacies of your home. Plus, you can go the extra mile by labeling these items with your contact information and a photo of your home.