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10 Fun Facts About Minnesota

Minnesota is a beautiful state with a lot of rich history, but even some lifetime residents probably don’t know all of these fun facts!

1). The Twin Cities area is home to one of the highest concentrations of Fortune 500 Companies in the entire country! This includes Target, Best Buy, General Mills, and Land O’Lakes.

2). There are about 69, 200 miles of rivers and streams in Minnesota, enough to circle the equator 2.75 times! This explains why there is one recreational boat per every 6 people.

3). The Mall Of America is large enough to house 32 Boeing 747 airplanes. Yeah, the big ones.

4). Minnesota’s annual craft brewery sales are enough to pay for every single Minnesotan’s Netflix subscription for two years!

5). The mighty Mississippi River starts out in a small lake that’s less than two square miles in area: Lake Itasca.

6). Love hockey? The United States Hockey Hall Of Fame Museum is located in Eveleth, MN.

7). Minnesota has more miles of bike trails than any other state in the country. You’ve got a lot of pedaling to do!

8). SPAM is manufactured in Hawaii, right? Wrong! Hormel Foods Corporation, which is based in Austin, MN, makes the canned meat product. Austin is also where the SPAM Museum is located.

9). According to, Minneapolis is the coldest major city in the USA. On average, the city experiences 23-25 sub-zero cold days per year. Brrr!

10). Scotch tape, bundt pans, rollerblades, and Milky Way bars are just a few notable inventions that were created in Minnesota!

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