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Jeff Nobleza

Jeff Nobleza is the quintessential real estate agent and advisor for his clients. He often refers to himself as his clients' "corner man" who assists them in real estate transactions. His goal is to provide information, education, and options to help his clients make the best decision possible. Mr Nobleza grew up in the Chicagoland area and earned a degree in accountancy from DePaul University in Chicago and was an accountant in his former life. In 2006, he obtained his real estate license and has been an active real estate agent since then. In 2015, Jeff and his family moved to Minnesota to be closer to family and have his son attend Minnesota public schools. Jeff also owns a small portfolio of real estate and is able to draw on his background, experience, and education when advising his clients. Jeff has represented a diverse group of buyers and sellers including first-time homebuyers and sellers, relocation buyers and sellers, corporate entities, trusts and estates, investors, small businesses, nonprofit entities, and 1031 exchange transactions. Jeff is actively assisting his clients buy, sell, and lease both residential and commercial real estate in the Chicagoland area and the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. Jeff enjoys a good happy hour with friends, and you may find him playing bass for his band Lovercraft around the Twin Cities. While he has adopted Minnesotan activities such as fishing and making lefse, you will still see him sporting a Chicago Cubs jersey or eating Chicago style Italian beef or deep-dish pizza from time to time.