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Ben Wismer

Ben is an experienced agent having spent the past 12 years dedicated to helping his clients navigate the process of buying and selling homes.  He prides himself in the positive reputation he has earned with his clients as well as colleagues in the Twin Cities real estate market for being professional, personable and passionate about what he does.  "Each home and transaction has its own story and involves a lot of moving parts from beginning to end.  The knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the years in my career and my ability to connect with the goals and the needs of my clients are what consistently gets us the result we are looking for." Ben believes that proper preparation and presentation of your home are keys in achieving a higher sale price in a shorter time on the market.  His attention to detail and guidance, provides his sellers with a game plan and a vision for how their home will be marketed and what to expect throughout the sale process. Ben understands that buying a house is the biggest financial investment that most clients will ever make, while at the same time, he understands there is also a big lifestyle investment in buying a home.  He is very adept at analyzing the pro's and con's of each particular property and he takes pride in giving his clients a very honest opinion.  "I, very carefully assess and communicate what expenses my clients would encounter in the short term and throughout their period of ownership and the bigger picture I am always analyzing is resale value down the road."  Ben also takes the time to consider the lifestyle investment his clients are making.  "For some, it is school driven and for others it is driven by recreation and nearby amenities, for others it is proximity to work and for many it is a combination of the above.  First and foremost, I want my clients investing their money in a quality home but I also want them happy with where they are living day to day." Ben is a life-long resident of the Twin Cities and resides in West Bloomington with his wife and children.  Ben is very much an active type and enjoys all things sports related and particularly basketball and tennis.  He is a University of Minnesota alum and played on the Division 1 tennis team during his time there.  He also enjoys boating and water-skiing, cooking and has travelled extensively around the world.  "I consider myself a man of many interests!"